(UPDATE) Character Bio: Aanjay

(UPDATE) Character Bio: Aanjay

Aanjay is an antagonist from Mystical Force. Her first appearance was in volume 2: Angels and Demons. Aanjay is a sorceress who was once engaged to Noonien before he met and later married Mystic.

Like Mystic and Noonien, Aanjay was born in the country of Aryavarta with magical essence as her mystical force. When she and Noonien were small children their parents arranged for them to be married. However, shortly afterwards the people of her village discovered her family had magic powers. Due to prejudice against their sorcery, the people of Aanjay’s village killed her parents and burned her house down. Aanjay managed to escape and was taken in by Noonien’s family and raised along side of him. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done. Aanjay decided that since ordinary humans feared and hated those with a mystical force, she’d give them a reason to fear and hate her. From that moment on, she vowed to make humanity pay for what they did.

As she grew up into a young woman, she along with Noonien and Mystic, enrolled at the Academy of magic and alchemy, a prestigious school for mages located in the city of Andropolis on the planet Orathos. There Aanjay learned about magic and how to control her powers. Unfortunately, she only thing she was really interested in learning was how to use her powers to get revenge on the humans who killed her parents. As the years went on, that need for vengeance warped her mind to the point that she became no different than those who killed her parents. Like those humans who killed her family because they were different, she feels humans are an inferior, savage subspecies and must be destroyed.

During their time at the Academy, Noonien tried to help Aanjay to get over her hatred. He tried to show her that by plotting to destroy all humans without a mystical force, all she was really doing was giving people more reasons to fear and hate mages. It was during this time that Noonien first met Mystic. She too tried to help Aanjay see that anger and revenge were ultimately self destructive but Aanjay was already too far gone. Due to Aanjay’s growing darkness, Noonien found himself less attracted to her while simultaneously beginning to fall in love with Mystic. Noonien tried to find a way to tell Aanjay that he was going to break off their arranged marriage so he and Mystic could marry instead. Unfortunately, whenever he tried to talk to Aanjay about this, the conversation always ended up turning back to Aanjay’s plans to make humanity pay for what they did to her.

A short while later, Aanjay returned to the village where she grew up and confronted the people who killed her parents. Upon revealing herself to be a sorceress to the village, an angry mobbed formed, preparing to do the same thing to her that happened to her parents years earlier. Unlike her parents, who has no desire the harm their fellow villagers, Aanjay felt no such compassion for them. Thus she murdered the entire population of the village in cold blood.

Upon returning to the Academy, Aanjay was confronted by Mystic and Noonien. They finally decided to tell her about their relationship, unaware that Aanjay had already figured it out. Unable to find the right words, Mystic instead tried to explain telepathically. That was when Mystic and Noonien read Aanjay’s mind and learned about her massacre at the village. Horrified by her actions, they reported this to the Headmaster whom had Aanjay expelled for her crimes. Now a fugitive, Aanjay teams up with a demon named Jimomaru, who like her also holds a grudge against humanity. Together their plans are to ultimately show humans why beings with a mystical force are superior and to hunt down humans the way humans have hunted and persecuted them.

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