About the Author

About the Author

Craig Weidhuner

Born and raised in Markham Ontario Canada, Craig inherited his love of science fiction and fantasy from his father. Growing up a fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, Godzilla as well as both Marvel and DC comics (just to name a few), Craig was motivated to tell stories ever since he would fantasy role play as a child.

Having studied film and television at Seneca College, Craig always took to heart the words of his professor, Michael Monty who said, “what makes a good story are interesting characters”. For without interesting, relatable characters, no amount of action, special effects, sex or violence will save your story.

Craig also drew inspiration from his family’s and his own spiritual journeys. Born a Christian, later turned Spiritualist, Craig (like Gene Roddenberry) likes to use his fictional world as a metaphor for the real world and to discuss real world events and philosophical topics in an urban fantasy/comic book setting.

When he’s not working he likes to relax and meditate or go for a drive in the country, because being surrounded by nature makes him truly feel at one with God/the universe/call it whatever you like.