Mystical Force

Mystical Force

Vol. 1 Stranger in a Strange Land

All beings radiate a life force, but some have an additional Mystical Force – a force that grants them special gifts, be it magical essence, demonic aura or spiritual power. While some consider these people to be gifted, there are others who feel these powers are unnatural…

When Shi-ria graduated from apprentice to Taman Knight her master foresaw she was destined for something no other Taman Knight had done. She had no idea what he meant until a sorceress named Zolida brought her to a strange, remote, backwards planet called Earth.

There, Shi-ria meets a witch named Mystic, her husband, Noonien, a demon named Tokijin and a nun called Sister Rose (who happens to be secretly dating Tokijin). Together they get drawn into a tangled web of criminal smugglers, vengeful spirits and Sister Rose’s fellow members of the Order of the Cross, who wish to exterminate these ‘devils’ for their ‘ungodly’ powers.

As if this wasn’t enough, a rival sorceress named Scarlet Knightwalker is adamant that this unlikely team not meet, just as much as Zolida insists they must. Now they must find the answer as to why Zolida insists their meeting was predestined, and more importantly, why Knightwalker is determined to fight fate. Answers that could change the course of the future, but for better or worse?

Mystical Force: Vol. 1 Stranger in a Strange Land