Sister Valerie Rose is a human born in the country of Usonia. Her Mystical Force is spiritual powers, which is why she was recruited into the Order of the Cross. Like Shi-ria with her Taman powers, Sister Rose can use her powers to heal people by touch, though this is only limited to minor injuries. She also seems to have a form of ESP that allows her to sense demonic or supernatural phenomenon. Like other exorcists of her level she can also form energy arrows which she can fire and demons via a bow like device attached to her right forearm. She also carries small church issued guns and is an excellent shot. She is also skilled at hand to hand combat and sword combat, using an energy like sword from a small cross she carries. She also has good reflexes which prove useful in combat situations.

Valerie Rose was born in the country of Usonia during its Second Civil War. When she was a small child her parents were killed. Thus she spent most of her early life living in a Catholic orphanage. From a young age she was raised in traditional Catholic beliefs, but like many young people living such a strict and restrictive life caused her to grow into a rebellious teenager. One who would frequently break the rules and often be disciplined for her behaviour, which ironically made her even more rebellious, rude and disrespectful towards authority figures.

As a teenager she was discovered by the nuns that ran the orphanage to have strong spiritual powers. When word of this reached the Order of the Cross, Father Patrick Mulcahey was sent to investigate and though she had great potential that needed to be moulded. He took her to the Order of the Cross where she began training as an exorcist. Her skill caused her to rise in rank quickly but at the same time her independent attitude cause conflict within the Order. While she respected Father Mulcahey, due to his more lenient attitude, she quickly came into conflict with Mother Superior, a stern woman with a no-nonsense attitude, who ran the Order more like a military base. Thus in order to escape the restrictive life of the Order, she would to sneak out of the convent to party, drink, smoke and do other social activities that most normal people take for granted but are forbidden for a person of her position. Of course, her biggest secret, as well as the one cardinal sin she not supposed to break is her having a boyfriend. While the simple act of dating a man would be forbidden for a nun, the fact that her boyfriend is a demon, only makes matters worse. She usually tries to keep this a secret from the order, often using the excuse that she’s checking for demonic activity or for a lead on some demonic threat. Despite her sometimes flimsy excuses she’s never actually been caught. Many of the other members have their suspicions but no proof.

It was during this time she also met and fell in love with the demon Tokijin, a forbidden love she keeps secret as mentioned above. Having met him on a mission to rescue some innocent people who were being killed by a cult worshipping a powerful demon. Upon investigating the matter, the Order learned that these people were part demon, due to having a faint trace of demonic lineage passed down through the generations from ancestors of theirs. Most of these people weren’t even aware of this, however it didn’t matter to the Order. As far as they were concerned, these people were the offspring of devils, thus their deaths were what God wanted. It was this incident that first planted the seeds of doubt in Sister Rose’s mind. As she continued the think it over she found herself more and more conflicted. Having grown up under the influence of the church, a part of her still believes the rigid, inflexible dogmatism that had been continually drilled into her head. This is why she still follows the teachings of the Order even when her conscience seems to be telling her otherwise. She feels is her duty as well as a sense of moral obligation to protect people from evil. She also, like any good follower, fears going to hell for not obeying God’s will. She also feels that she owes the Order, since they’ve given her a home and a purpose in life. That being said, a part of her is beginning to see that (through her interactions with the other main characters) how flawed the Order and the church is and seriously begins to question whether or not their drive to destroy “devils” has blinded them to what true evil is and they are simply practising a form of fantastic racism.

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