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A collection of poems:

A collection of poems:

A brief collection of my attempts at writing poetry:

Poem # 1:

I write whatever comes to mind.

No reason, no rhyme.

I let the verse go where it pleases.

Where it goes, I have no idea.

Does it rhyme? It doesn’t matter!

On the wind, my thoughts scatter.

Is there meaning to my verse?

You decide.

Poem # 2:

The prose flows.

Where it goes?

I do not know where it goes,

when the prose flows.

Poem # 3:

When I meditate I let my mind go free,

Where will my thoughts take me?

Beyond the Earth, the physical confines,

Beyond reality, I go in my mind.

To world, dimensions, that I create,

full of peace, beyond fear and hate.

Someone once said, “I think therefore I AM”,

therefore, I AM free!

Poem # 4:

On the wings of tomorrow,

the night felt my sorrow.

On the crimson tide,

My thoughts do ride.

When I dream I am free,

Where does my mind take me?

Into my own reality.

For what is a dream?

Another state of being.