Mystic is a human female with magic, telepathic and telekinetic powers. Her mystical force is magical essence. She comes from the nation of Aryavarta. Mystic was born on Earth in said nation. When her telepathic powers initially developed she found them overwhelming thus learned to meditate from an early age to control her mind and powers thus stopping her mind from constantly being flooded with the thoughts of others. When she was in her late teens Mystic attended a school for people with magic powers called The Academy of Magic and Alchemy, in the city of Andropolis on the planet of Orathos. During her stint as a student she shared her room with another sorceress from Aryavarta called Aanjay. The two became friends. During this time she also met Aanjay’s arranged fiancé, a man with magic powers also from Aryavarta, called Noonien. Despite being arranged to married Aanjay, Mystic and Noonien fell in love. It turned out that Noonien already had a falling out with Aanjay whom due to prejudice felt people without a mystical force were inferior. This caused her to break off her arranged married allowing Noonien and Mystic to marry.

Mystic is a very calm and rational person. She often acts like a guide to the others, giving them insights and advice to help them with their problems. She prefers to let people solve their own problems and tends not to get directly involved unless she deems it necessary. Though genuinely compassionate with a sense of respect for all creatures she sometimes becomes frustrated by people and their “nasty habit” of using violence to solve their problems, particularly by using guns.

Mystic’s most notable personality trait is her strong sense of morals. Mystic is a powerful telepath and also has telekinetic powers in addition to a vast knowledge of magic spells. Thus if she really wanted to, she could use her powers turn everyone into mindless puppets with no free will, or induce all sorts of horrible tortures on the body and mind. This is why Mystic imposes personal limits on herself and what she uses her powers for. If there is one thing that Mystic truly fears, it’s the old saying: Absolute power corrupts absolutely. While she doesn’t have absolute power, her telekinesis, telepathy and her magic make her one of the most powerful characters in the series. Thus why she tends to spend most of her time in contemplative meditation. When she’s not meditating, she spends her time between earth and other planets helping people with personal problems and guiding them during difficult times, since she believes it’s everyone’s responsibility to help those in need and do the right thing for no other reason other than because it’s the right thing to do.

Mystic is a very powerful telepath. She has the ability to read minds and sense the presence of people around her. As stated above, she is so strong in her telepathy, she could easily control minds and bend people to her will if she wanted to. Fortunately, she’s on the side of the good guys thus her telepathic powers are limited by her strong sense of morals. Thus rather than actually controlling minds, she prefers to use her powers more subtly to influence someone’s behavior, similar to the “Jedi mind trick” in which she waves her hand giving someone a suggestion, making them temporarily due her bidding; though as stated above, she only uses this power if she deems it necessary and usually doesn’t like doing so, both out of her disdain for controlling others minds and her fear that she may become corrupted by her powers should she use them too much.

In addition to this, she also has the ability to create illusions, both in and outside the mind. Illusions so powerful her opponents would be unable to tell what’s real and what isn’t. For example, if Mystic were to create an illusion of a brick wall surrounding a person, said person could no more ignore it/walk through it than they could a real brick wall. Another power she has is the ability to change her physical appearance and or voice, thus allowing her to pass herself as/impersonate anyone she so chooses to. However as stated above, her strong sense of morals limit the extent of which she uses her powers.

In addition to her telepathy, she also has telekinetic powers. She can lift people and objects with her mind including herself, thus giving her the ability of fly. This is the primary basis of her powers. This combined with her telepathy makes her a formidable opponent in battle. If, for example, someone were to try and shoot her with a gun, she could sense what her opponent is planning, raise her hand and stop the bullet mid air, use telekinesis to yank the gun of that person’s hand or use telekinesis to make her opponent turn and aim the gun somewhere else. She could even technically use her power to crush a person’s internal organs or choke them to death, though as stated above, her strong sense of morals prevents her from going all Darth Vader on her opponent.

She also has the ability to teleport herself and people around her. Usually twirling like a dancer, causing her dress to spin, cloaking her and disappearing in a puff of smoke. She also has the ability to open portals to other dimensions, usually pocket dimensions. For example, using the “opponent tries to shoot her” example from above. She could open a portal directly in between herself and the shooter, causing the bullet to sail harmlessly into said pocket dimension and be trapped in there once she closes the portal. Then she could, theoretically if she wanted to, open another portal to the side of the shooter, allowing the bullet to come flying out of the portal and striker the shooter in the side of their head, but as stated, her personal moral codes prevents her from taking such an action.

As noted multiple times above, she tends not to use the full extent of her powers out of concern that doing so might lead to the temptation to misuse said powers for less than noble means. Some of her other magical abilities include, firing energy bolts/beams, being able to read multiple books at once and even cast multiple spells at the same time. As a mage, she has knowledge of and can perform various magic spells.

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